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Sex is an important component of the relations of men and women. Sometimes intimacy can cause many issues and problems. Thus, in particular, many women worry about the question: when should occur first sex in a relationship?

Most women complain that men leave after them some time later. And, as a rule, separation occurs early in the relationship. What is the problem? The problem is that the first sex in a relationship should not occur too early. On the first date closeness can be regarded a man as easily accessible, such is the male nature, they can easily push away excessive lightheadedness.

As long as the woman is a mystery, mystery, intrigue – it will be interesting man. Taking what he wants, he would no longer be interested to pursue a relationship with a woman on. The man is a predator who needs to achieve his woman, because then he will appreciate it and respect it. That's why sex on the first date is not advisable for women who want to build a strong and long relationship.

However, tightening is not necessary. If a man takes too long to get what he wants, he may find another woman who is happy to help him. The woman in such a situation it is important not to overdo it with the role of the snow Queen. If a man is seeking and courting a woman and shows his sincere feelings and serious intentions, it will be immediately visible.

The best option first sex in a relationship is a few months later. During this time, as a rule, people get to know each other, check the relationship strength. For example, if a woman is confident in her man, she for a couple of months could put him in a situation where he will manifest his true qualities and traits, for example, to ask the man for help in some serious and important matter. If a man will rush to help, then we can conclude that he is a serious man and not likely to get with a woman right after sex, as if all he wanted was sex he wouldn't have agreed to help, as he, in principle anyway.

If a man is willing to wait a month, two, three, willing to be patient and wait close, we can confidently conclude that he is ready for serious relations the same way as a woman, but only though if he's not cheating on her throughout this time.

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